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I love the power of documentaries.

Unconventional – The Ramen Chef

A new documentary series that explores Unconventional people, places and subjects. The first in the series, The Ramen Chef – Ian Wheatley. A man who left his comfortable life and followed his passion for Japanese food to set up an authentic Ramen restaurant, Monohon, in the heart of London.

An Unexpected Family: Full Documentary

A feature length documentary shot in Nairobi, Kenya about the HHF project for vulnerable children. Winner of Australian Cinematography Society Silver Award and accepted into the American Online Film Festival.

American Online Film Festival

Windriders: Documentary

Short documentary on the Hot Air Ballooning World Championships.

Windriders: Brasil (Documentary Teaser)

This was a short proof of concept video we did prior to creating our short documentary.

An Unexpected Family: Teaser

Longer teaser for the full doco

An Unexpected Family: Trailer

Trailer for An Unexpected Family

An Unexpected Family: Trailer 1

Trailer for An Unexpected Family

Windriders: Italy (Documentary Trailer)

Trailer shot at the World Championships in Italy.

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