Riyad Barmania

Writer | Director | Producer | Storyteller

An Unexpected Family: Full Documentary

A feature length documentary shot in Nairobi, Kenya about the HHF project for vulnerable children. Winner of Australian Cinematography Society Silver Award and accepted into the American Online Film Festival.

American Online Film Festival

Hollywood News

REVIEW: ASHENS AND THE QUEST FOR THE GAMECHILD achieves more than it has any right to… Noticeable from the outset is the wonderful humour that is both present in the visuals and in the dialogue. It never uses its budget for humour and great care has been taken to make it look outstanding.

Crime Fails! – Comedy Television Pilot

I directed and produced this family friendly comedy TV pilot starring Jarred Christmas for Kabo Entertainment.

Importance of having a coach – Gillette

Working with the world’s best football freestyler we shot this in one day across London.

Ultimate Sideman Challenge – Nerf

Who Stole Stuart’s Sofa? – Dr Pepper

I co-wrote and directed this pick-a-path for Dr. Pepper with some of the biggest YTers in the UK.

Let’s Play – Public Health England

I directed this pick-a-path adventure for Public Health England to help teens make important decisions.

The Proxy – Alienware

I wrote, directed and produced what was originally a 10 part scifi web series for Alienware starring Ashens. It won a Silver Award at the Media Week Awards.

Media Week Awards

Your First Party! – Public Health England

I co-wrote, directed and produced this pick-a-path follow up for Public Health England.

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