Riyad Barmania

Writer | Director | Producer | Storyteller



Importance of having a coach – Gillette

Working with the world’s best football freestyler we shot this in one day across London.

Ultimate Sideman Challenge – Nerf

Who Stole Stuart’s Sofa? – Dr Pepper

I co-wrote and directed this pick-a-path for Dr. Pepper with some of the biggest YTers in the UK.

Let’s Play – Public Health England

I directed this pick-a-path adventure for Public Health England to help teens make important decisions.

The Proxy – Alienware

I wrote, directed and produced what was originally a 10 part scifi web series for Alienware starring Ashens. It won a Silver Award at the Media Week Awards.

Media Week Awards

Your First Party! – Public Health England

I co-wrote, directed and produced this pick-a-path follow up for Public Health England.

Unraveling Traveling – Nationwide

I produced and co-directed this original animation for Nationwide’s MoneyStuff channel.

Sidemen Modulus Challenge – Nerf

If Video Games Were Real – Nerf

I co-wrote, directed and produced this mini action film starring YouTube stars Ali A and the F2Freestylers

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